CWC Week 4 (Aug.4)

I'[m still chocked that this will end up in RAW and not Smackdown.


After four weeks, we’ve finally come to the conclusion of round one. Honestly, the Crusierweight Classic has been so strong, these weeks have just flown by.

Jason Lee vs Rich Swann

The background video package for Jason Lee less than spectacular. He doesn’t carry the name that Swann does, so I thought they could have gone more in depth with his past. With that being said, it was great to see Swann back in a WWE ring, and this time being taken more seriously. The last time we saw him on WWE television he was on the receiving end of a Baron Corbin beat down.

Swann was truly the highlight to this contest, as I didn’t see anything special from Lee. At the same time, it also felt like Rich was in control for most of the time. While the pace was slow, Bryan and Ranallo deserve a ton of credit…

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