Monday Night RAW, July 25th

This was meant to be big, but it wasn’t.

Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon Address the Raw Roster

RAW being forced to create a new belt kind of means that the WWE Heavyweight is higher?

Besides that, a few great matches were announced for the rest of the night. My worry? Too many big talents on those fatal-4 ways leaving the rest for filler.

Finn Balor vs. Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens vs. Rusev

Solid match and impressive debut for Balor, specially for those who didn’t have a clue who he is.


Nia Jax Debuts

Good for her, but this does little to help her IMO, specially after the other Women’s matches. Squashes don’t work for me. It got a bit higher score than the usual 3/10 I give squash matches, because it was a way to introduce her to the audience.


Roman Reigns vs. Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho vs. Sheamus

It was just too obvious who would win. The first one looked more even. Still was a good match.


The New Day Celebration

I guess we have new contenders, but will the Wyatts be ignored?

Neville vs. Curtis Axel

Was great to see Neville back, although being i none of the fatal-4 ways would have a bigger impact, even if he didn’t win.


Women’s Championship Match: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

This was an awesome match, specially for Charlotte. The first time she has really impressed m so far. I’m used to this level of performances from Sasha, but for Charlotte was a first on the main roster.


Braun Strowman vs. James Ellsworth



Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. The Shining Stars

… Sigh. They are wasting The Shining Stars’ talent. I do agree the gimmick sucks and that’s a big statement from a fellow Puertorrican.


Finn Balor vs. Roman Reigns

Solid match.



Besides a few great matches, the show was filled with squashes and fillers. That was my concern on after the draft and RAW keeping the three hours. When I saw those 2 fatal-4 way announced I knew we were set up for filler mania and that’s what we got.

Still believe that as a show they did pretty good, but what we got in the ring was weak on average. Fatal-4 ways, Women’s title match and main event were solid gold, the rest not even close.

Have a feeling that Smackdown could do better today.




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