The Sexy Star character has officially retired

Dulce Maria Garcia Rivas, the woman that played Sexy Star in AAA and Lucha Underground, has officially parted ways with the character. Earlier this month, we noted that she is pursuing a boxing career and she is training with her husband/boxer Jhonny Gonzalez but it looks like she will still wrestle, at least occasionally, without her mask.

In a Facebook post, she said that she dedicated more than 10 years to being Sexy Star and she has shed blood and tears for that character. She said that her goal was to be a role model for young girls and women that are struggling in life and all of the sacrifices that she made were worth it.

She said that she loves “Sexy Star” and she is proud of what she and her character did together but she does not belong to her, nor does she belong to Sexy Star, and that character gave her the strength to make it to the top. She noted that the separation from “Sexy Star” is symbolic and the character will always hold a place her in her heart.

Rivas is scheduled to wrestle without her mask for the first time on a show in Monterrey, Mexico on 9/4.


Personally I never was behind her in the ring. She is pretty indeed, but her ring work was always clumsy.

This shows why I felt it was wrong for her to win The Gift of the Gods title at Ultima Lucha. Makes you wonder how long she’ll be on season 3 of Lucha Underground.

Wish her luck on her new career. She’ll need it.


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