Saturday Morning Showdown – Critisism Against the Draft (July 23)


This past week the WWE had the second draft in history which split the roster into two rosters. I for one enjoyed everything about this year’s draft. I thought the show flowed well and each draft pick was somewhat nerve racking. After all the excitement that ensued on Tuesday night, I went to several online forums to only see it wasn’t well received by many fans. Now I’m not writing this to say anybody’s opinion was wrong, as I don’t think there’s any right or wrong opinions about wrestling. I’m writing this post to maybe explain why the draft went the way it did.

NXT (More specifically Nakaura, Joe, and Bayley)

Fans being displeased with the NXT draft picks (or lack of) is what shocked me the most. Now before I explain, I’ll agree with the few that believe they should have given a reason behind Nakamura, Joe, and Bayley…

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