Impact Insider – “Obsolete Mule Edition” (July 22)


Maybe it’s because I’m still new to TNA, but content they put out keeps me hooked for the most part. This is officially my second review of Impact, and it already has me looking forward to next week.

Opening Segment

Honestly, it was Final Deletion that brought me to TNA, so I’ll openly admit that I can’t get enough of the feud. I’m sure some hardcore TNA fans might be getting annoyed with the story, but I think it’s innovative and a good break from the regular show. Plus, there’s currently no stronger character in pro wrestling than Broken Matt Hardy.

Bobby Lashley Promo

For those of you that thought Roman Reigns was bad on the mic, you should hear Lashley. I don’t mean to make comparisons, but I can see parallels between the two. He’s too talented in the ring to have his promos drag him down, and I don’t…

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