On to the NXT One (July 21)

NXT was the biggest loser on the draft. They might struggle with all the talent that was drafted.

Credit: WWE.com Credit: WWE.com

Pulling double duty with the CWC and NXT is going to be tough, especially on a night like tonight. It’s difficult to watch one good show then switch to a mediocre one.

Rhyno vs Samoa Joe

I’m not sure if this has happened on the independent circuit, but I was excited to see these two compete. I expected this to be much more even than it was, because I was interested in seeing how their similar styles would clash. Samoa Joe essentially spent seven minutes squashing Rhyno, although I didn’t mind that either, because it’s still important that Joe comes across a lot more stronger. With him facing Nakamura at Takeover:Brooklyn, he needs as much momentum as he can get.

American Alpha vs The Authors of Pain

I honestly didn’t expect this match to start the way it did, but I liked it. In my opinion it created…

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