Smackdown Scoop – Draft Edition (July 20)

I agree it was a good show. The environment was nice.

Bayley not in the list was a surprise. Now the ball is on their court to see what they do with talent.

Credit: Credit: Honestly, I might have been more excited for this show than I was for any other WWE PPV this year. The WWE has done a superb job at creating hype for this episode, and I can confidently say they delivered.

Opening Segment – Round 1

I loved how this show opened with the first overall pick. It had to be done, and it put a ton of importance on the show. After the second pick was announced, I knew my mock draft would go down the drain. With that being said, I completely agreed with the picks that were made. The one that shocked me the most was Raw picking Balor. I was convinced that he’d end up on the same show as AJ, as it would have made sense for his first feud. Either way, he deserved to go in the top five.

John Cena vs Luke…

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3 thoughts on “Smackdown Scoop – Draft Edition (July 20)

  1. It was really a new and improved SmackDown. Surprise to see Kalisto drafted to SmackDown, as cruiserweight division is in Raw. He was considered to be best player for Cruiserweight division as he will performing as singles competitor.
    Finn was my favorite draft pick.

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