The WWE Draft

The draft is two days away and I’m impartial to it. I think it’s a great idea and I like how the brands will have separate pay per views. I think that’s a must to make this successful especially if they are trying to make this competitive. The thing I hate about it is I think RAW is still going to be the top brand. There is a ton of talent on the roster and it will help give certain talent exposure, but I feel this is going to show the lack of depth as well. 

You can only have so many stars on each brand and if they aren’t split up correctly I think fans will definitely still lean on one brand over the other and RAW has always been the alpha. That’s why the brand split didn’t work the first time, but they also didn’t do separate PPVs either. Some guys will get pushed but this may actually expose WWE creatively. That’s been something that has been heavily criticized over the past year. It helps that talent is finally back and healthy but can they make this work?

I’m thinking yes they can but part of me is saying no. The tag team division is slowly building back up and teams can be split up as a result. The problem with that is some of those guys can’t be singles wrestlers. Enzo and Cass I think can survive individually and so can the New Day. The Usos will struggle if they split. If the Wyatt Family split, Bray would be the only one to survive. If the Dudleys split D’von is done. Bubba can make it as a singles star. Look at his success in TNA. He is a main event talent when booked right and his experience in this business speaks volumes. It will be interesting to see who gets split up and who stays together.

Having two world championships is something I’m impartial to. If they do it right it will be great, but the WWE championship will still have more prestige. They need to put those titles on equal ground. They also need to put it on the right people. The World Heavyweight championship went to people who should have never had that title. That also spoke to the lack of actual talent Smackdown had at that time. RAW still had all the big dogs. With Smackdown going live it should help immensely.

If they decide to put the women in the draft I feel they have to create another Women’s championship. Title matches are built by storylines. How the hell do you build a storyline between two stars on two different brands? I just don’t see it working and I don’t want to see stars crossing brands again. That killed it the first time around.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this all plays out. Hopefully they do it right and the right talent, like Apollo Crews, gets a good push because of this. I’m also hoping that Zack Ryder continues to get a push. WWE has to stop ignoring the love the fans have for this guy. He deserves to be a decent mid card talent. Hell I bet if Ryder won the WWE championship fans wouldn’t complain. If they are doing this to give talent a push then make sure the right guys get the push or it will fail.


2 thoughts on “The WWE Draft

  1. Woo Woo Woo. You know it! I’m also pretty jazzed for the draft. For good or ill it is a huge restructuring of the landscape of the business. Things will be different on Wednesday as we start making sense of things.


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