Wednesday Wrap Around – Mock Draft & Analysis (July 13)

Not bad…


With the draft one week away, I’ve decided to create my mock draft this week. I can’t say it was easy, as separating a large portion of the roster isn’t quite easy. Not every name on the WWE roster was brought up, but I essentially made room for every superstar that they decide to showcase.


Top Card:

  • Seth Rollins – He’ll most likely go first overall. An accomplishment such as first overall should go to a heel in order maintain bragging rights
  • *Dean Ambrose – It’ll be interesting to see how Stephanie chooses Ambrose. I’m guessing she’ll want the title on her show with confidence that Seth will win.
  • Roman Reigns – They’ll most likely push this Shield Triple Threat until Summerslam. It only makes sense to have all three on the same show.
  • Bray Wyatt – With Raw being three hours long, it’ll require an additional top card…

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