Brock Lesnar def. Mark Hunt (video highlights)

He can’t lose in Summer Slam after this.


Brock Lesnar def Mark Hunt via unanimous decision

Round 1:  They touch gloves. Lesnar rolls around, light on his feet, while Hunt keeps the center. Lesnar making feints as if to take Hunt down. So far, just threats. He comes in with a very cautious jab, and Hunt flinches. Leg kick from Lesnar. Brock ducks and Hunt swings hugely, but misses. Lesnar heard the wind on that one. A little jab by Hunt, and now Lesnar swoops in for a takedown, can’t get it, but keeps on it, and now he dumps him along the fence. Hunt gets back to his feet, and Lesnar is on him still. He has Hunt posted there with his entire being, which is considerable. He wants to dump Hunt again. Miragliotta warns Lesnar to get busy, and Hunt pushes on his head and Lesnar lifts him off his feet and drops him. Side control…

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