Black and Blue – “He looks like a bird” Edition (July 8)

I wouldn’t score it so high, maybe a 7/10, but it was way better than RAW.

Credit: Credit:

Since Raw wasn’t very eventful, I didn’t have my expectations set high for this episode of Smackdown. I assumed there would be some filler matches, with a few mentions to the main feuds going on. Well, I was completely wrong. Smackdown made up for everything that wasn’t on Raw, and it was presented in a great way.

Opening Segment

Similar to last week, we were given small pre-intro clips telling us about the matches for this show. I love this concept because it provides context for the matches and the fans don’t just blindly walk into this show.

Jey Uso vs Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose’s introduction for Seth was rather cheesy, but it still made me laugh. It helped that Rollins had an angry look on his face when he made his way out.

If the Usos have shown us anything within the past it’s that they can…

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