One Thing I Don’t Understand About the WWE

I’ve been a fan of WWE for about twenty years now. From the Attitude Era to the New Era it’s always been something that I’m passionate about. I get made fun of by people who don’t like wrestling because they don’t understand it. I get how can you watch that fake crap? Well, because it’s entertaining. I get “You just like watching hot sweaty men grope each other. My response is “Have you seen the women in WWE?” Not to mention most of those hot sweaty men could kick your ass in a real fight. But one thing I don’t understand is the complete misuse of talent.

I start with the Invasion angle. WWE won the battle against WCW and ECW and finally got some of the biggest names in the game. They also got some stars on the rise that completely got buried. Now some of those stars had great success but it seems like only the guys who came into the WWE before the WWE finally took over the wrestling business. Booker T might be the exception to that, but he never accomplished what he did in WCW. Booker T was the biggest star out of the crop that came in during the Invasion while most aren’t even in the WWE anymore and most fans probably forget who actually was a part of that storyline.

Buff Bagwell, who I was a fan of, wrestled one match in the WWE before being gone. Yes it was a completely terrible match and yes Buff was mediocre at best, but he had appeal but I won’t act like Buff was ever going to be a WWE champion and he wasn’t really “The Stuff” either. DDP was a huge success in WCW while his run in WWE is forgettable. Sting recently came into WWE. Sting is one of the biggest names in wrestling and WWE never capitalized on signing him before his injury ended his career. So much for Sting vs. The Undertaker a dream match if there ever was one.

Now how about today’s stars. The Wyatt Family is a great start. They were going in the right direction and a stable that could be one of the best. Bray Wyatt really does have it all. Yet, he rarely ever wrestles (and when he does he gets hurt) and the rest of his clan have become essentially jobbers. They had momentum with The Undertaker/Kane angle but even that ended up being a wasted opportunity. Luke Harper seems to be the only other talented one within the group. Hell, they didn’t even get a spot at Wrestlemania other than being the butt of The Rock’s jokes (which was hilarious) and a six second match. I feel they have lost so much momentum as a stable. I don’t even miss them when they are off TV.

Zack Ryder is another prime example. The fans love this guy. Apparently the people running the show don’t share that same love. Yeah he got his Wrestlemania moment only to lose it the very next night. Do you think the fans would boo if Ryder became WWE Champion? Highly unlikely but the people in charge definitely don’t see that in Ryder’s future. That’s obvious with how he gets used. I would rather see him in the Money in the Bank match over Alberto Del Rio and I bet most fans would agree. How much longer before Ryder actually gets used a fan favorite or gets a pink slip?

Damien Sandow is another good example. The fans were hot on this guy and now he’s out of a job. I don’t get how they never tried to capitalize on his popularity.

How about Dolph Ziggler? He’s been around forever and is used as a mid card. Fans love him but he seems to be Baron Corbin’s rag doll for right now. Corbin seems like he has a bright future especially as a villian because let’s face it the guy is a straight up a dick. Ziggler should be higher on the card not losing every other match in the mid card. Of course he has publicly criticized Triple H and that’s something you don’t do.

Cody Rhodes, the son of Dusty Rhodes, got completely lost in the shuffle. Rhodes is a very talented individual who should have had more of a push but he didn’t. Stardust killed him when they split him away from his brother.

Daniel Bryan can be an example as well. Yes Daniel Bryan had his moment and he will likely headline this years hall of fame class but don’t act like he was ever picked to be the guy. That was John Cena’s spot but fans were tired of Cena. Bryan got so over with the fans that the WWE had no choice. When Batista came back and won the Royal Rumble let’s not pretend that he wasn’t supposed to be the champion at Wrestlemania except the fans booed the hell out of him and rightfully so. Although I wasn’t upset that Daniel Bryan didn’t win the Royal Rumble because I’m not a Daniel Bryan guy. I don’t hate Bryan, and he is one of the best in the business and earned everything that came his way. I just wasn’t a huge fan of his I just appreciated his work.

This is why I’ve been longing for a brand split. This is what the WWE needs to help the talent out. They have a lot of stars and those stars need to shine especially with NXT growing. We will see how this brand split does but I’m expecting big things as it seems to be heading in the right direction. Too many stars continue to get lost in the shuffle and it doesn’t matter what fans think. If we love a guy but the people in charge don’t then it doesn’t matter. If we hate a guy and the people in charge love him then it doesn’t matter. As much as I understand that it still irks me.


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