Smackdown, June 2nd

After a mediocre RAW they had to step it up. There was some improvement but not much. At least moving in the right direction.

Opening Segment

Not bad that Styles is no longer in the main event picture. His recent clash with Cena and teaming up with the rest of the Club hints he might not be back up there in a while. That’s not necesarily bad at all.

He can do a lot of good in the mid card as well and he showed that in this show.

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte

The story is taking shape more and more hinting a multi women tite match. As much as I love Dana, she’s dangerous to have around, specialy if she wants the gold you are carrying.

Lynch needed an outing like this to look strong and get back into the title hunt.


The Dudley Boyz vs. Golden Truth

The Dudleys needed the win, badly. They need to rack a ton more and be a menacing force in the division before they can push anyone else.

Golden Truth didn’t lose since they had nothing to lose already. Even then, their low card story is still working and getting props from the fans. I wish Breezango was taken more seriously. They work well together, from style to gimmick.


Sami Zayn and Dean Ambrose vs. Alberto Del Rio and Kevin Owens

Alberto is a nice addition to this group. He has the skils and needed something to work on. Solid match.


Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

It’s hard to believe that some years ago Swagger was the champion and now it’s a miracle to even see him on TV.

I believe Swagger could get back into the mid card if he gets some support from creative besides the awful last attempts.


AJ Styles vs. Kofi Kingston

How old is Kofi? He seems to have been around like forever and still looks on his 20.

Great match.



Above average show with a great Main Event. Short and sweet.




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