Lucha Underground, June 1st

Another great show from LU!

Son of Havoc vs. Daga

This was a solid match even when I’m not a big Daga fan. Cobra Moon got involved looking somehow wickedly atracted to Daga. Son of Havoc came out with the victory even after the interference.


Trios Title Match: Champions Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans and PJ Black w/Taya vs. Prince Puma, Rey Mysterio Jr. and Dragon Azteca Jr.

This was an amazing match even when I was not a fan of the outcome.

There were some amazing moves.

Not sure what’s coming out from here, but it’ll be good.


Lucha Underground Title Match: Champion The Monster Matanza w/Dario Cueto vs. Cage

This was an outstanding match. Cage when acrobatic and mixed it with his brute strength to give Matanza a run for his money.

I lost count of how many suplexes and variants we saw on this one.

This match was way better than expected, and that was hard to begin with.



Just another day in office for the wrestling boss LU. Although they had a few weak episodes some weeks ago, it’s going strong again.





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