To All The Roman Haters

Roman Reigns gets a lot of boos. Well, that’s fine. One thing that makes Reigns the perfect champ, you as a fan are invested in him. More so then you were when Sheamus was the champ. Why? Because let’s face it you didn’t want to see Sheamus as the champ. You may not want to see Reigns as the champ but you’re still invested in him. You’re passionate about him and that’s why you boo him or cheer him. He has your attention whether you hate him or love him. 

He can’t wrestle? And you can? Probably not it’s easy to sit in the audience or watch on TV and know nothing about what it takes to be a wrestler. Oh you watch NXT or you watch Tough Enough so you must be an expert on what a good wrestler is. There is a reason you’re a fan and not a wrestler and that’s because well you can’t wrestle. I’ve always had beef with fans who say things like that. I’ve heard fans who hate Kobe Bryant or LeBron James and say they suck. Well could you beat them one on one? Hell no you can’t. Same with Reigns if he can’t wrestle in your opinion awesome but get in the ring with him, and when a guy who does this for a living night in and night out makes you look stupid your opinion will change.

Is Reigns the best wrestler on the roster? No he definitely isn’t. He’s also 265 pounds and for a guy his size his athleticism is off the charts. His matches with AJ Styles were some of the best so far this year and yes there is a lot of days left in the year. You think his matches with Seth Rollins will suck? Considering these two were in NXT together and the shield together I’m gonna say definitely not. Is Seth Rollins a better wrestler? Yes he definitely is. But Reigns always rises to the occasion when he gets opportunities with guys like Rollins. His matches with Sheamus were boring well Sheamus isn’t the best wrestler on the roster either. It’s hard to have a great match when you’re in the ring with a guy who can’t match your athleticism. If you want to tell me Sheamus is an athletic freak you’re an idiot. He’s another big guy who is very limited in what he can do.

You don’t like Roman’s gimmick or mic skills? Yet you cheer guys who have worse gimmicks and don’t have the best mic skills. Hell you boo John Cena who is as talented and hard working as they come. But Reigns was hand picked by the WWE. There is a reason legends and current stars praise Reigns. They were or are actually in the business. They know the ins and outs of the business. They know what it’s like to be on the road all year and what it’s like to do this all year long for us fans. There is a reason WWE officials are high on this guy. Are you backstage every night? Nope you’re not. You just boo the guy because you didn’t want him to be the champ, but I watched when he was in the shield I heard you cheer him. I heard you cheer him after the shield and then he wins the Royal Rumble and because it wasn’t Daniel Bryan you booed. Well, as great as Bryan was and the keyword is was, there is a reason he wasn’t the anointed one. His injury history.

Yeah I like Roman Reigns and you know what so do you. I was at Wrestlemania 32 and heard the boos all night for Reigns until he won the championship and everyone cheered until they forgot they are supposed to boo him. What makes Reigns perfect for the new era is the fact that at the end of the day the fans react to him with passion whether it be good or bad. Having Rollins back is also great for the new era and Reigns because it’s the rivalry we want to see. It was the rivalry that was supposed to happen before his injury and the WWE had to go a weaker route. And for Reigns being so hated he’s one of the top selling merchandise stars on the roster. Hate him all you want but if you think he sucks so bad well let’s see how well you do in the WWE. I’m sure you’ll be better in every way with all your experience.


6 thoughts on “To All The Roman Haters

  1. Excellent piece. I have to admit I’m one of those haters, but at least I wrestled for a bit :P.

    I’m not a big fan of him, and I don’t think I will ever be, but I do admit he’s giving way better performances in his title reign. Some might argue it was due to AJ Styles and I find hard to argue that.

    For me it was the pushing down our throats part at the early beginning that made me hate him. Now I think they did it way better this time around, but there are some that won’t forgive.

    Different from Cena, I respect Cena and all his hard work. I’m not there with Reigns. I just struggle to compare him with Owens and others that have earned their spots while it seems his was handed to him.

    It’s hard to argue that did a big damage on his career.


  2. Roman Reigns has grown on me for the last 2 years. Yes, the IWC and smarks out there can be highly hypocritical. I can no longer Boo Roman Reigns just to boo him. The main thing I don’t like about Reigns is his gimmick. His wrestling style is a tad bit bland, but Hogan wasn’t that good of a wrestler either to me. So for now, they’re is a sense of indifference. Let’s see what this feud with Rollins leads up to.

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