This jaw-dropping Japanese wrestling match looks like a dang action movie

This is just amazing!

Here’s Ricochet using the middle rope as a springboard to transition into a double flip onto Ospreay’s back and land on his feet.

Here’s Ospreay getting caught in a fireman’s carry, slammed onto the apron, almost thrown back into the ring, followed by a counter swing by Ospreay, who then sat on Ricochet’s shoulders and backflipped him onto the mat.

On this one, Ricochet hit Ospreay with a “619,” followed by a jump off the top rope, but Ospreay recovered and countered with a kick to the face.

Neither man went down during this sequence, and like the best action sequences in movies, video games, anime or what have you, it finished with both guys kneeling in an intense stare down.

The match ended with Ospreay pinning Ricochet after two more absurd moves: a tornado kick, followed by a springboard cutter.



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