Lucha Underground: Last few weeks recap

For reasons out of my control, our writer for LU has been MIA for a few weeks. I know he’ll return, but meanwhile let me get all of you up to date with Lucha Underground.

The matches for the medallions to participate on the Gift of the Gods title match continued.

Cage vs. Johnny Mundo

Johny Mundo and Cage had a vicious Cage match with the involvement of Taya, while they faced of for one of the medallions.

Cage came on top after a great match!


Mariposa vs. Sexy Star

In an average match that displayed how far this women are willing to go, but that was not technically sound, Sexy Star faced her fears and made Mariposa say No Mas (I quit).

The level of the shows started decaying this week.

Matanza vs Mil Muertes – GRAVER CONSEQUENCES

In a rematch for the title, Matanza faced Mil Muertes in an awesome match! Matanza retained after all coffins were almost tore apart by the violence.




Texano, Joey Ryan, The Mack, Siniestro de la Muerte, Aero Star, Sexy Star and Chavo Guerrero (after stealing Cage’s medallion) faced in this match.

Great match with Chavo Guerrero winning after some help from Cage. Only to defend the title next week after none other than Cage!


It has it’s ups and downs during this time, but overall has kept it’s high standard way over WWE, although WWE came close until they started dropping the ball last 2 weeks.


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