BLOOD IN THE SAND: The Death Match Wrestler journey

As the days go by, we see more wrestlers trying to get a stable financial income. Some have skill (or lack off), looks, etc. and make it to the big leagues and big salaries. But at the other side of the scale we have hardcore and death match wrestlers.

On his beginning, Dean Ambrose (John Moxley) was this type of wrestler, charismatic, popular and inmersed in this type of matches. One of his most known matches was in CZW TOD (tournament of deadth) when he faced Brain Damage.

He also had barbed wired matches and crystal panel matches. He was lucky to be discovered and out of that life.

Recently we learned about the death of Balls Mahoney, life long hardcore wrestler of this type of matches, forced to take pain killers leading to his death. His family was unable even to pay for his funeral.

I was able to watch him wrestle in Puerto Rico, where he faced a local wrestler Apollo and lost after a power bomb covered  with tacks. All this for a small pay.

Another one that came to Puerto Rico was Necro Butcher, an icon of the ultra violent match. In a CZW DVD he faced Axel Roten where he was busted open with scissors. His most decent pay check was when he briefly was on ROH, but was released soon after.

Another is Danny Havoc, young but veteran on the style. His epic feud was with Sammy Callihan which ended in Cage of Death, the biggest event of CZW where he lost.

There are also female wrestlers on this style. Such a wrestler is Lufisto. She faced and defeated Necro Butcher.

This style is now growing all over the world: CZW, DTU (Desastre Total Ultraviolento in Mexico) and many more in USA, Europe and Japan.

They risk their lives for a few bucks, on cards with almost no attendance, but a blood thirsty one.

Fans demand blood and that’s what they provide. This has gone too far, even to being absurd. I’m not here to criticize, on the contrary I respect them. Sadly after all the pain they end up broke lying on a bed usually dying in poverty.


27 years old

35 years old

This is all due to us fans. We ask for more violence and even criticize wrestlers for not taking bigger risks just for a few cents.

When will this stop? How many young talent have to die due to this style?



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