On to the NXT One – “Shady guy outside of the resort” Edition

Credit: WWE.com Credit: WWE.com The best word to describe this week’s episode of NXT is “weird”. The match ups didn’t make sense, and it didn’t seem like anybody was thinking ahead when this was being taped.

Enzo & Cass vs American Alpha

The WWE knew that Enzo & Cass would be making a move to the main roster, so why put them in this type of predicament? I’m not opposed to anybody winning or losing, but at this point both teams need to be presented as winners. Based on the result of this match, why not call up American Alpha to the main roster? Gable and Jordan did a good job at carrying the flow of this match. They worked well around Enzo’s strengths and weaknesses. I thought the spot of the match was Jordan’s reaction when he saw Cass being tagged in. The latest main roster call ups didn’t look weak…

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