Jake Roberts: ‘WWE Is Shoving Roman Reigns Down Everyone’s Throat!’


Jake Roberts spoke with Sports Illustrated for a new interview. Some highlights are below:

On WWE’s handling of Roman Reigns: “They’re shoving Roman down everybody’s throat, and that’s not working too well. It’s a shame, because he’s a great athlete and a great guy, but they went at it the wrong way. It doesn’t look like I’m going to get the opportunity to help any of these guys, though I wish I would. I’m more than available, but they’ve got their little formula they want to stick with. If they did bring me back, I’ll be the first to say, I’d probably do something really stupid and piss everybody off. I’m really stuck on the way I believe, so if someone wasn’t listening to me, I’d probably give him a, ‘What if?’ and throw something out there that would get a charge out of everybody.

On Bray Wyatt and Kevin Owens: “The Owens kid has something special. Bray and Owens aren’t the cookie-cutters. They’re not the hard bodies, the fit-looking soul looking prim and proper with the abs and all that stuff. Even with prime rib, you don’t want to eat it seven days a week. They’re throwbacks, and they’re getting over because they’re different. Give me a ‘Crybaby’ George Cannon every now and again, and then when a hard body gets in there, you’ll be excited to see him. But when everybody looks that way, it’s just the same old stuff.”

Carlos Foley


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