Backstage Update On The Major TNA Financial Issues & Potential Investors

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has more details on TNA’s current financial situation. The site reports that new potential investors are “in play” have put money into keep TNA’s TV production work going. They haven’t yet purchased an interest in the company but a deal is being talked about that would involve gaining controlling interest, which TNA doesn’t want to give up. There is a feeling, however, that TNA needs the deal in order to survive and that gives the investors leverage.

In regard to their reported eviction from their current offices, the site reports that as PWInsider said the company has known about their impending move away from the current offices at Cummins Station in Nashville for some time. The company is moving because they fell behind on rent and couldn’t afford to stay there, which resulted in them being “essentially evicted.” Production will move to NorthStar Productions in Nashville with the remainder of the operations being moved to a 20,000 to 25,000 square foot warehouse that has been using.


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