RAW, April 4th

I see many arguments about this being the worst/best RAW in recent memory. Let’s dissect it…

Vince McMahon Relinquishes Control of Raw for the Night

Not sure how much Shane really had to do with the booking for the night, but it worked 60% of the time, at least for me…

The New Day vs. League of Nations (Tag Team Championship)

I guess this is a way to say farewell to Barret. Such a misused talent. Wish him great things in other places.

Match had nothing special. Makes you wonder why losing at Wrestlemania in a non title bout. It probably should have been for the titles.

Liked the Wyatt baby face turn? This could be a nice feud.


Sasha Banks vs. Summer Rae

Short match that could have been more than what it was.


Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler

Solid match. Looks like a potentially good feud. The best I’ve seen from Corbin in a long time.


Apollo Crews vs. Tyler Breeze

Kind of feel bad for Breeze. Saw many new fans on Social Media after watching him. It’s obvious there are many casual that don’t know anything about NxT. WWE needs to address this not assuming everybody knows them.

I would have enjoyed a more close match.


Potential Challengers Step Up to Roman Reigns

A nice twist here.

Zack Ryder vs. The Miz (Intercontinental Championship)

The most questionable booking of the night. Why lowering the Intercontinental title like this. Why burying Zack Ryder after the biggest win of his career?

This could be a nice feud, but I believe Zack deserves a good push.


Women’s Championship Ceremony

The Usos vs. The Dudley Boyz (Tables Match)

Nothing special besides the Enzo & Big Cass debut.


Fatal 4-Way to Decide the WWE World Heavyweight Championship No. 1 Contender

This was well worth going thru all the mediocre matches. An excellent match. From the talent to the action it worked on all areas.



Main event was the best in years hands down. Was way better than Wrestlemania’s main event. The overall show, was not. The new talent could change the way ahead. Moving Owens, Zayn and Cesaro to the main event picture was another great move.

The tag team division got a big additions on Amore and Cass. This is the type of change I’ve been yelling for months now. I’m glad they finally did.

Some potential here. Hopefully we don’t get back to the old ways and drop the ball…



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