Tales From the Temple: Ep 10

Wednesday nights can only mean one thing, Lucha Underground. After a barn burner of a Aztec Warfare match, fans were excited to see the backlash from the event. With Dario Cueto back in power things are a little different in the Temple.


A Promo in the Ring?
Even if you have only watched one episode of Lucha Underground, you’ll understand most of the stories are told through vignettes and matches. However this week to open up the show, we got a good old fashioned promo. In a very WWE type set up, the authority figure, Cueto came to address the believers. He was then interrupted by an angry Pentagon Jr, who forced his way to a title match.
Despite me comparing this to a WWE segment, LU pulled it off far better. The promo was timed really well, there was no rambling to lose the fans attention. It was fast and set up the evening main event well. I think I personally enjoyed this short segment so much simply because it was a change of pace for the show. The show keeps it fresh which is what I’ve come to love and expect.

“Best Backpedal in The Business”
Thanks to Vampiro for that title. On this week’s programme The Crew took on Johnny Mundo and Taya. It was a good tag match and I think Taya stands out hugely as a top class wrestler. But attention was taken away from the ring as Cage came down just to intimidate Mundo and Taya. For anybody who has read past Tales from the Temple will know I’m a big fan of this feud. I think bookers are doing a good job of turning Johnny Mundo into a heel fans want see get his ass handed to him. As Cage approached the ring, Mundo took to the hills and even used Taya as a shield. I don’t know who wouldn’t like to see him get beat up with actions like this. Judging by the body language, there is some tension between Taya and Mundo. This means it won’t be long before Cage gets his hands on Johnny once and for all.


Always a Triple Treat
Our Trios Champs were back in action this week against the Disciples of Death in an elimination tag match. The match itself was excellent. I really like how it went down to the last two competitors. Usually with these kind of matches one team eliminates the other team members bar one. Then this underdog comes back for the win. I haven’t seen this back and forth style elimination match in a while and really enjoyed it.
As I’ve come to expect from the Team of Ivalesse, Angelico and Son of Havoc there was a cool spot fans haven’t seen before. This week Son of Havoc got his Super Mario on. From the top rope he stomped on the backs of two of the disciples, transitioning into a moonsault to earn a pin. This team constantly raises the bar when it comes to high flying moves. They are always a treat to watch and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

The Creepy Moth Lady

It was the in ring debut of Mariposa as she locked up with Sexy Star. After an unbelievably creepy first appearance in the temple, Mariposa kicked the cowering Sexy Star at ring side two weeks ago. I liked the match but wasn’t that stoked about the whole story. The in ring story telling was excellent. Sexy was visibly afraid of Marty’s sister from the get go and always seemed weary. Personally I think the story is good but it just misses that little spark to make it great. It is only getting started so let’s see where we go from here.


Matanza you Monster
In addition to Mundo’s heelish actions, Matanza wasn’t going to be left out when it came to getting some heat. The Monster defended his title for the first time against Pentagon Jr. It was another example of smart booking to get a heel some heat. After eliminating and dismantling half of the competition in Aztec Warfare fans were starting to take a disliking to Dario’s bro. This week was the villainous icing on the cake. Matanza destroyed the believers favourite, Pentagon. No matter what Pentagon did, he couldn’t take the big man off his feet. He then smashed a helpless Pentagon through the announcers desk. (I wasn’t aware it was possible to break the Lucha Underground desk.) It was like watching your favourite character die in a movie. But as a Pentagon fan I began to develop a hatred for Matanza. This is when wrestling really works. A clear bad guy for fans to boo and nobody seems to get that reaction out of fans aswell as Lucha Underground. Matanza is a bad, bad man. It shall be interesting to see where the story goes from here, who is going to slay this beast.
It was a jam packed show with plenty to keep the believers watching. But I feel we are only getting started when it comes to the fall out from the drama left behind from Aztec Warfare.
Before we finish this week’s piece I’m going to share a “Cool Lucha Thing” for all my fellow Pentagon Jr fans. Check out this nice bit of fan art!


Brendan Kenny


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