Forbes Reveals List Of Highest Paid WWE Superstars Of 2015

by Pro Wrestling – Mar 31, 2016

– Forbes released their first annual “WWE’s Highest-Paid Wrestlers” list, looking at the ten highest paid performers currently on the WWE roster. According to Forbes, John Cena topped the earning list in 2015, as he pulled down a reported $9.5 million from WWE.

Seen below, the complete top ten list of the highest paid wrestlers in WWE in 2015.

1. John Cena 9.5 million
2. Brock Lesnar 6.0 million
3. Triple H 2.8 million
4. Randy Orton 2.7 million
5. Seth Rollins 2.4 million
6. Roman Reigns 2.1 million
7. Undertaker 2.0 million
8. Big Show 1.5 million
9. Kane 1.3 million
10. Dean Ambrose 1.1 million

Carlos Foley
This is why all wrestler want to be in WWE right now.
AJ STYLES got 500,000 to 1M a year!


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