Tales From the Temple: Aztec Warfare 2

Drum beats filling up the Temple as the Aztec warriors danced around the ring, can only mean one thing. It was time for Aztec Warfare! This is Lucha Underground equivalent to the WWE’s Royal Rumble. However this year’s Royal Rumble is most certainly not equal to Aztec Warfare 2. The match runs for the whole episode and is action packed from start to finish. Two Luchadors start and then a new competitor enters every nighty seconds. If a wrestler is pinned they are eliminated from the match. So here are my thoughts on the second Aztec Warfare.


This Is Awesome
The match overall was superb. There was always something going on to keep my attention throughout. Certain parts in the match really stood out for me. For example I really liked the whole Heel team vs Babyface team. It gave the match a cool change of dynamic as fans waited to see which side would get a new member as the clock counted down.
Joey Ryan was hilarious with his idea of handcuffing himself to the railing. His attempt not to get pinned didn’t go so well as he was beaten even worse on the outside.


Mysterious Entrant
We knew from last week’s ending that new Lucha Underground champion Fenix would be entrant number one. However the second entrant was a complete surprise for fans. Competitor number two was none other then Lucha Libre legend, Rey Mysterio Jr. It was an excellent idea to have him debut this early in the match as the crowd erupted when he came down the steps. I’m sure the atmosphere in the building was electric with the anticipated high stakes match. But once they introduced one of Mexican wrestling’s biggest stars, the place was lit up. Good call Lucha Underground!


Dragon Infestation
Much later on in the match we saw another debut. Entry number eight teen was Dragon Azteca. Mysterio’s student has got quite the build up, receiving multiple vignettes which depicted him training hard. It was definitely a good first time appearance for the young Luchador. He hit some big spots which certainly grabbed the attention of the believers. He most certainly is a good in ring preformer, so I’m looking forward to seeing the newest Dragon in the Temple.

If Pentagon Loses We Riot
It’s hard work being a Pentagon Jr mark! Especially in moments when the show opens with Catrina telling Pentagon he is not in the Aztec Warfare match. The Pentagon mark in me was infuriated. “How could they leave such a over wrestler out of one of the biggest matches of the season?” I thought. Then the Pentagon smark in me said “wait a second, this is going to build up one hell of a storyline.” And smark me was correct. As Mil Muartes came down to the ring as the twentieth and last entrant to Aztec Warfare. The cult babyface, Pentagon Jr stormed through the crowd, chair in hand. He brutalised Mil with some  steel chair shots. He then rolled the “Man of 1000 Deaths” into the ring to be pinned. But the highlight of this whole piece for me has to be Catrina and Vampiro on the outside arguing. These two will add another layer to this story to come.

It looks like this is building up to be another awesome Pentagon Jr story. I think both men will be vicious in trying to one up each other. This should make for some really good matches. You would need to be fearless to take on a monster like Mil Muartes. It’s a good thing Pentagon has “Zero Fear”. I’m am super excited to see how things play out.

Entry #21
On last week’s Tales from the Temple, I wrote about how excited I was about Dario’s monster. We find out this is actually Dario Cueto’s brother. Like I said last week The Monster Matanza was extremely intimidating purely on his look. But seeing him in the ring was a scary sight.
Like a Lucha Libre Lesnar he went on a rampage. Straight away he eliminated champion Fenix. Then everybody else could only wait their turn to be smashed by Dario’s baby bro. One move, one elimination was his tactic and why wouldn’t it be when you are a monster. Aswell as his array of big powerful slams, fans also saw him pull off a shooting star from the mat. I didn’t see it coming for a second and I’m not quite sure how he was able to get his body to do that. But my God it was spectacular.
After dispatching every body else from the match, it was left down to Rey Mysterio Jr and The Monster to battle it out for the title. This part of the match was booked excellently. Between Rey’s past in WWE and Dario Cueto’s concerned face, the believers believed in Mysterio. After a back and forth war between Lucha Underground’s version of David vs Golith, The Monster walked away as the new Lucha Underground champion. We can only imagine Dario Cueto will be back in control of the temple very soon, especially with the fall of Mil Muartes and his team. Once again it is going to be a very different place.

Callihan goes Underground
In other Lucha news, it was reported this week that independent star Sami Callihan is set to appear in Lucha Underground’s third season. In my opinion this is an excellent signing for the company. I would imagine Callihan’s vignettes will be really well thought out. If done right the fans should get a good taste of the dark Callihan Death Machine. His hard hitting wrestling style will serve him well as he battles it out in the temple. Callihan’s been doing some awesome work on the indys since leaving NXT. So let’s hope he can keep it up in Lucha Underground.

I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s Tales From the Temple. Before I leave you guys check out this “Cool Lucha Thing”. Since Matanza is the talk of the town, or at least the Temple, check out this brilliant edit from a member of the IWC.

Brendan Kenny


4 thoughts on “Tales From the Temple: Aztec Warfare 2

      1. I know for sure there will be a Mil Muertes/Pentagon feud I’m really looking forward to. What will happen with Rey, Puma and the rest now that Matanza is champion?

        Keeps getting better each time you think about it :-).

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      2. It’s the great thing about Lucha Underground, it’s so unpredictable. Yeah the title picture is definitely going to change now!

        Liked by 1 person

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