Black and Blue – Jar Jar Binks Edition (Mar.25)

Although it could have been better, Smackdown keeps teaching lessons to RAW.

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Unlike Raw, this show contained almost no filler. Most characters were used properly, which was perfect for building excitement for Mania.

Charlotte vs Sasha Banks

I wouldn’t mind if Charlotte had a series of matches against her Mania opponents before their triple threat. Flair would have to come out on top though (through cheating), in order to make those matches effective. The two put on great matches together in NXT, but this wasn’t as good. However, it was a strong opening match. In my opinion, it was still intriguing. Both competitors still showed their natural chemistry. I wasn’t a fan of the finish. Charlotte has been running through opponents as of late, so she shouldn’t be losing matches before Mania. I did agree with Becky’s role at the end. Without getting too involved, she looked strong with her post match interference. It was also a smooth way of creating…

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