Wednesday Wrap Around – Bray Wyatt & 2016 (Mar.23)

Too late for Wyatt now, they need to shelf him for a bit.

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Currently, Bray Wyatt has no Wrestlemania program. I think it’s safe to say that the WWE is taking a step back to figure out what they should do with the Eater of Worlds. Nonetheless, I would have never guessed Wyatt to be in this position. Last year he was involved in a marquee match with the Undertaker, and now he’s become an afterthought.

As per Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer, Bray Wyatt is due for a big push right after Mania. Lets assume that this is true, where do they even start? After many butchered feuds and missed opportunities, the WWE needs to be extra careful this time around. There’s no doubt that Wyatt is an exceptional performer, however any wrestler can be suffer from questionable booking. I believe if handled right, Bray can indeed become the next Undertaker.

There’s no way they can completely leave Wyatt…

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