Roode & Eric Young Headed To WWE?


This is just a rumor right now, so take it as such. But The Wrestling Observer reports that the belief “within the industry” is that Bobby Roode is headed to WWE after departing TNA over the weekend.

The site is specific to note that nothing is confirmed as of now. Dave Meltzer also confirmed that both men asked for and were granted their release, despite the fact that they were under still under TNA contract. He said that the “word going around” is that both men are headed to WWE but added there is no concrete word either way. There are rumors that both men have been unhappy with creative as of late and requested a pay raise from TNA. When they were told they weren’t going to get any raises, they both requested their release at Saturday night’s TV tapings. Those releases were both granted.

We’ll likely know more about their plans sooner rather than later if similar past situations are any indication; in the meantime, Young’s first post-TNA booking is set for the UPWA show in Wilmington, North Carolina on Saturday


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