Lucha Underground: Austin Warfare Recap

Lucha Underground graced us with a show that could tip this year Wrestlemania. No, Im not kidding.


A full arena, granted it was not too big, but comparable to the Temple.

Fatal 4 way: Drago vs. Aerostar vs. Son of Havok vs. Pentagon Jr.





We saw wrestlers thru tables and even Aerostar launching himself from the second floor! It was a pretty good match, with some awesome chops and sick moves from Pentagon Jr.

He was removed in a stretcher afterwards. We saw the dreaded X sign.


Mil Muertes vs. Fenix


Vampiro was going thru the match lineup menrioning two main events:

  • Mil Muertes vs. Fenix for the title
  • Johny Mundo and two partners vs. Cages team.

Then the sexy Katrina and Mil Muertes came to the ring to remind him who’s in control.

She changed the match with the following stipulation: If Mil Muertes wins, Fenix won’t be able to challenge for the title any more. If Fenix won they would have their title match tomorrow (tonight).

This was a question I had coming into the show. How were they going to handle the TV show? They did that greatly as it felt as they were following the current TV stories when in reality they are almost ready to start recording Season 3.

It was a very physical match. Katrina even sat with us in the stands. Some lucky guys were close enough :P.

Is no spoiler that the title match is happening tonight.


Ivelisse vs. Taya

It was probably the weakest match of the night with some missed spots, but still an entertaining match.


Main Event: Johnny Mundo/Jack Evans/PJ Black vs. Cage/Prince Puma/Rey Mysterio

Some amazing promos by Mundo, Jack and PJ Black. Specially Jack was really great on the mic.

Yes you read right! Rey Mysterio!

Foiled 619 attempt!

Got the wrong guy!

Triple 619!

I guess you can guess the outcome from that one.

It was a non-stop match full of big spots. Sadly I was unable to capture all. The one that caught my eye was Cage trying a back suplex on Jack, he flips twice in the air and Cage catches him into a power bomb. That was awesome!



I came looking for an OK show, with maybe not that many big name. What we got was a PPV level show. The first time out of the Temple for this guys and it was well worth it.

Really hope Aerostar is fine. He was carried away earlier in the show after having him thru a table in preparation for his dive from the second floor, but at the end the EMT’s took him out.

They were filming, so I won’t be surprised to see parts of this in TV.

If you have a chance to go see them live, please do. You won’t regret it. I’ve been in RAW, Smackdown and even WWE PPVs (not Wrestlemania) and this was way better. I t could be the closeness to the wrestlers, the small venue, the masked luchador rock band or simply that they rock! (or all of those :D)

Some don’t like the movie like stories some do. Either way, the in-ring action is top notch!



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