Lucha Underground, March 9th

Great main event announced!

The Mack w/ Sexy Star vs. The Moth

Average match. Nice Curb Stomp from the second rope for the win by the Moth.

The interference by Butterfly was awfully done. So many luchadoras I already lost count. Hope she does better than Sexy Star and Cobra Moon. Lots of room for improvement there.


Taya vs. Cage No DQ Match

My respect for Taya. She took a lot of big moves thru tables on fences and more like a champion. Earned my respect tonight. I’m a fan of hers now.

Holding Mundo vs. Cage for later was the right move.

Although it was obvious the bottles were fake, the overall Johny Mundo interference worked fine.

Good they mentioned she was trained by Lance Storm.


Pentagon Jr. vs. Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes: LU Championship triple thread match

Amazing match as expected. Was hard to believe Mil Muertes would drop the belt with Aztec Warfare so close. Still the match had many big spots.



Solid show. Hard to imaging Fenix being a bigger threat to the belt than Puma and Pentagon. We’ll see how it goes.




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