How Much Money The WWE Is Paying Shane McMahon, Triple H And Other Top Executives

by PRO WRESTLING – Mar 2, 2016

On Wednesday the WWE released their Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders and Proxy Statement. In the report, the company released how much Shane McMahon is being paid for his return to the company along with other top executives. The following highlights are below, click here for the complete report.

Shane B. McMahon is the son of Vincent McMahon and brother of Stephanie McMahon. Shane McMahon is a former executive officer and performer with the Company. In 2016, Shane McMahon returned as a performer for the Company. While no agreement has been reached at this time, the Company anticipates that Shane McMahon will receive in excess of $120,000 for these services which will be disclosed in next year’s proxy statement.

Paul Levesque. Since he joined the Company as a performer in 1995, we have had a booking agreement with Mr. Levesque under which he is one of our top talent as an independent contractor. Under his current booking agreement, Mr. Levesque is entitled to a minimum guaranteed annual payment of $1,000,000 which the Company recoups from all payments under the agreement including pay for performing in live and televised events and royalties for merchandise sold utilizing Mr. Levesque’s name and/or likeness. Mr. Levesque has out-earned this minimum guarantee in each of the past several years. The agreement currently runs until March 30, 2016, and we contemplate extending this agreement on the same terms and conditions for an additional three years after its current term ends.

The report also revealed how much the company’s top executives were paid in 2015:

Vince McMahon – Chairman & Chief Executive Officer: $3.3 million

* Michelle Wilson – Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer: $4.5 million

* George Barrios – Chief Strategy & Financial Officer: $4.5 million

* Paul Levesque – EVP, Talent, Live Events & Creative: $3.1 million

* Kevin Dunn – Executive Producer & Chief Global Television Production: $4.7 million


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