Christopher Daniels Upset He Missed His Chance At Signing With WWE


by RYAN CLARK – Feb 26, 2016

Christopher Daniels appeared on the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Podcast this week and talked about never signing with WWE. Daniels told the podcast that he regrets that he never had that chance for a WWE run.

“I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t wish that had come my way,” Daniels said. “I certainly am proud of the guys that have gone on and done that. But that’s their hard work . . . I’m not jealous of that part of it. I wish the timing had been different…If WWE had softened their perception of the independent scene five years earlier than they did, maybe that would have been me. When I got to TNA in 2010, their attitude seemed to be very set against that idea. At the same time, too, I feel like at the time when I might have been most appealing to the WWE in terms of character and in terms of connection I had made with the fans, I was under contract with TNA. So, to me the bad thing about it was just timing. There’s nothing you can do to change that. For me to dwell on that would just be a useless exercise in futility. I’m bummed out about it, but at the same time, I’m content where I’m at.”


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