Dave Batista Calls Out Vince McMahon ‘You F**ked Titus O’Neil’


by PRO WRESTLING – Feb 23, 2016

TMZ caught up with Former WWE SuperstarBatista at the airport this week and the former WWE Champion did not hold back with his thoughts about the company.

Batista spoke out once again about Titus O’Neil’s 60-day suspension from WWE. Shortly after the incident, Batista revealed on Twitter that he urged Titus to ask for his WWE release due to the way they handled the situation.

When asked if wrestlers should be unionized, Batista said that will never happen because wrestlers are too expendable.

Batista said Vince McMahon should have simply had a man-to-man conversation with Titus about their physical altercation. Instead, Vince “f**ked him” by suspending him and then “double f**ked him” by keeping him off WrestleMania 32, the wrestlers’ biggest payday of the year. He feels that Titus doesn’t need WWE, he’s there because he loves it and it’s really not right how it all went down.


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