Backstage Rumor – Lucha Underground Reportedly Losing Money

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

UPDATE: Lucha Underground executive producer Eric Van Wagenen posted the following on Twitter in response to the below report…

hace 14 horas

Eric Van Wagenen ‏@EricVanWagenen

The rumors of @LuchaElRey’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Perhaps check with a real source instead of the same old disgruntled one?

The network gives us a seasonal production budget and we produce the show for exactly that, not a penny more.Thats how TV works @LuchaElRey

ORIGINAL: According to the WON, Lucha Underground is still losing money. The site reports that according to one source, since it began the company has lost slightly less than half what TNA lost after ten years.

The company will have to raise more funds in order to get the go-ahead for a fourth season; there was enough capital for a third season which will premiere next year. Lucha Underground is still discussing a possible movie to be produced for 2018.

Carlos Foley
Live shows=$$$
New channel with national coverage $$$$
Sell dvds an blue ray=$

Small to BIG IN NO TIME=$0
Step by step tacking time =$$$$
Wrestler with low morale=0


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