Lucha Underground, February 10th

Lots of action in this episode along with new luchadores!

First Match: Bengala vs. Kobra Moon 

Moon drops Bengala with a sweet dropkick. Moon with a head-scissors takedown that sends Bengala to the outside. Moon with multiple kicks and a running knee to Bengala. Bengala with a boot to the face of Moon. Bengala with a multiple headbutts. Bengala with a round-house kick for a two count.

Bengala goes for the suplex, but Moon blocks it and locks a sleeper hold. Bengala with a superkick to Moon for a two count. Bengala with a moonsault off the top rope, but Moon gets back up locks in the Snake Sleeper. Moon connects with the body scissors and keeps hold of the Snake Sleeper Submission Hold and Bengala taps out.

Winner: Kobra Moon via Submission 

Fenix & Catrina Backstage Segment: 

Catrina says that she still has a tingle of excitement whenever she feels the presence of Fenix. Fenix comes in and tells Catrina to give him King Cuerno. Catrina asks Fenix if he’s sure even if a thousand lives should run out eventually. Fenix says that before that happens he will destroy King Cuerno Mil Muertes and Catrina. Catrina smirks to end the segment.

We see a vignette for Aerostar who will be making his return to the temple.

King Cuerno & Catrina Backstage Segment: 

Cuerno is lifting weights. Catrina says that Cuerno took the title, but didn’t destroy the man. Cuerno said that he did everything Catrina wanted to him to do. Her wounded animal is now safe from Fenix. Catrina says wounded or not even the best hunter would be prey for Mil Muertes. Besides they are all on the same side and Catrina has a better hunt for Cuerno tonight. Catrina orders Cuerno to kill Fenix in a match he’s never lost and that’s the Last Luchador Standing Match. Cuerno won’t have to put his title on the line, all he has to do is to make sure that bird never fly’s again. Catrina asks Cuerno if they have a understanding. Cuerno says that the hunt is on and walks away.

Second Match: Jack Evans vs. Drago 

Evans and Drago locks up. Drago pushes Evans to the ropes. Evans with a roundhouse kick. Drago with a sunsent flip for a one count. Drago with a running dropkick that sends Evans to the outside. Evans with right hands to Drago. Drago chops Evans in the chest. Evans dances in the ring and he gets dropped by Drago. Drago with a big uppercut to Evans. Drago with a armdrag. Evans bite’s the thumb of Drago. Evans with a boot to the face of Drago. Evans rakes the eyes of Drago and drags him down to the mat. Drago sends Evans to the top rope. Drago connects with a superkick for a two count.

Drago chops Evans in the chest. Evans with a series of right hands to Drago. Drago with a back body drop to Evans. Drago with a springboard armdrag that sends Evans to the outside. Drago with a flying crossbody. Drago rolls Evans back into the ring. Drago with a DDT for a two count. Evans with a jumping back kick and a knee shot to Drago. Drago with the cradle for a two count. Drago with a school boy for a two count. Drago with a Running Blockbuster to Evans. Drago goes for the Dragon’s Tail, but Evans counters with a roll through with his feet on the ropes to pickup the victory. After the match Evans declares himself “Jack The Dragon Slayer Evans”.

Winner: Jack Evans

El Texano Jr. Promo:

We see a vignette for the returning El Texano Jr! Texano says that he will have his sights on Chavo Guerrero. Texano says that when you piss him off you fight a real mean Mexican. Texano will return to the temple next week.

Prince Puma & Catrina Backstage Segment: 

We see Puma kissing his cross. Catrina comes in and asks Puma who’s he praying for? Catrina plays mind games with Puma by bringing up Konnan’s transgressions. Catrina says that Konnan failed Puma miserably. Catrina says that it’s too bad because he could have been here to see Puma’s match with Pentagon Jr.

Third Match: Fenix vs. King Cuerno in a Last Luchador Standing Match 


Collar and elbow tie up. Cuerno and Fenix with back and forth right hands. Fenix with a springboard back elbow to Cuerno. Fenix kicks Cuerno in the chest. Fenix connects with a springboard hurricanrana. Cuerno gets back up at the count of 5. Cuerno with a big boot to Fenix. Cuerno with flying European Uppercut. Cuerno with a single leg drop kick and Fenix gets back up at 6. Fenix sends Cuerno over the top rope. Fenix goes for the suicide dive, but he crashes down to the mat. Fenix gets back up at the count of 5. Cuerno chops Fenix in the chest. Cuerno sends Fenix face first to the steel ring steps. Cuerno irish whips Fenix to the crowd. Cuerno irish whips Fenix to the steel guard rail at ringside. Fenix gets back up at the coutn of 8. Cuerno with a running clothesline. Fenix gets back up at the count of 7. Cuerno drops Fenix again with a big boot. Fenix once again gets back up at the count of 7. Back in the ring Fenix connects with a superkick. Fenix with a springboard dropkick to Cuerno. Fenix with running baseball slide.

Fenix with a springboard spinning corkscrew splash to Cuerno on the outside. Cuerno gets back up at the count of 7. Fenix with a standing corkscrew splash over the top rope. Cuerno gets back up at the count of 9. Fenix rolls Cuerno back in the ring. Fenix with a bodyslam. Cuerno with a corner enziguri that sends Fenix to the outside. Cuerno with a missile like suicide dive. Fenix gets back up at the count of 7. Cuerno brings out a ladder. Cuerno rams the Ladder through the face of Fenix. Cuerno climbs up the ladder, but decides to change his game plan. Cuerno kicks Fenix in the ribs. Cuerno grabs a table from under the ring. Cuerno sets up the table on the outside where the ladder is placed. Cuerno goes for the German Suplex, but Fenix counters with a thrust kick. Fenix climbs up the ladder and Cuerno joins him. Fenix gets on the wall on top of Catrina’s office. Fenix knocks Cuerno off the ladder. Cuerno goes through the table and Fenix picks up the victory.

Winner: Fenix 

The shows ends with a vignette with a detective name Captain Vasquez. Cortez Castro says that The Crew had a open invitation to go back to the temple. The Captain tells Castro that he’s way too deep and he needs to disassociate himself with The Crew & Chavo Guerrero. Captain Vasquez says that she wants Dairo Cueto to be taken down. Castro is a officer now. The captain appoints Castro’s new partner Joey Ryan. The captain tells Castro & Ryan to pretend to hate each other, but they have to bring down Dairo Cueto.



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