The Backstage Reason Why WWE Suspended Titus O’Neil

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Titus O’Neil’s suspension issued last night was reportedly done in order to send a message to the WWE talent roster. According to sources,Vince McMahon suspended O’Neil for ninety days because “the message needed to be sent that WWE stars needed to stop “messing around” and be professionals”.

According to sources, there have been several people on the roster who have been walking a line in terms of following company rules and McMahon wants WWE to be a professional organization. While O’Neil was just messing around with McMahon, it was considered “one messing around too many” and O’Neil became the fall guy for everyone else who has been going too far.

As noted earlier, O’Neil is liked by WWE officials, particularly since he’s their go-to guy for charity with John Cena out. The Prime Time Players were broken up in order to help push O’Neil as a singles guy and while it hasn’t been acknowledged on TV, he went undefeated for nearly three months before he lost to Adam Rose on RAW.


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