Lucha Underground in trouble?


It appears that Rey Mysterio isn’t the only person having issues with AAA. According to sources, Konnan has been having his own, related issues with the promotion and may not be the only one.

According to sources, Konnan and a number of other people have had frustration with the company, with Konnan taking up Mysterio’s side in his issues over money with AAA. Konnan, who is Mysterio’s closest confidante in the company, was at last night’s TV taping and has been “back and forth” on Mysterio’s problems with the company.

One of the big points of frustration within the company is that AAA performers are required to pay a percentage from their Lucha Underground bookings. This was the case in the first season, where AAA paid their talent for the Lucha Underground bookings and took a sizable percentage from those paychecks. For the second season Lucha Underground paid talent directly, but there has been pressure from AAA for the talent to pay out the same percentage. It’s been a trying enough experience that some talent is said to be looking for work elsewhere.

Amidst all this, Konnan took to Twitter and said he was holding a press conference soon, teasing several revelations:



One thought on “Lucha Underground in trouble?

  1. I understand they having issues, but wrestling-wise Konnan is way past his prime, just a name and good memories. Same with Rey Mysterio.

    I just hope this doesn’t affect Lucha Underground.


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