Lucha Underground Episode 2

Episode two was full of surprises. New wrestlers enter the arena and an unexpected team lead us to an interesting episode.


Pentagon Jr. is quickly becoming my favorite wrestler in Lucha Underground.

Johnny Mundo vs. Killshot

This was a really good match. Killshot had a nice chain of moves for a close pin fall, but Johnny was able to pull the win after an End of the World following a blatant low blow while the ref was on the mat after an accidental bump.

After the match Johnny was making it clear to Mil Muertes he’s coming for his belt until Cage interrupted him.

This will be an amazing bout due to the difference in styles. Looking forward to it.


PJ Black vs.The Mack

Was kind of weird to see a losing debut but it was a good match. PJ Black always had the talent, but was underused. When I saw Angelico the first time it reminded me of him.


Prince Puma/Pentagon Jr. vs The Disciples of Death

They were able to work well as a unit, but not without issues. The Disciples of Death worked even better but at the end Pentagon Jr. got the pin fall.

Match was nothing special, kind of expected more out of it. The focus was really to push their feud further and it worked on that sense. Somehow I feel it made the Trios Champions look weak.

Prince Puma was able to save his arm from Pentagon Jr. attack, but this is far from over!



I expected more from this episode, but it’s building up for an interesting next one with Rey Mysterio and the new Dragon wrestler along with all the stories that developed in this episode.



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