Concern with Jim Cornette statements

January 31 was the last recordings of the second season of Lucha Underground . That same day he announced that there will be a third season, same as that start recording in March.They will be between 24 and 28 chapters to be issued in 2017, about six months after the end of the second season.

Some notes on Combating Undeground:

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Lucha Underground episodes come in a few months to the iTunes Store, for rent and sale.Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer reports that DVDs have not been released because they were expecting an offer in which they kicked out money and thus make the second season. To accomplish nothing, they demanded money from the original investors: “Obviously investors see potential in the product, but to date has been a huge waste of money.”Apparently Lucha Underground will no longer functions WrestleMania weekend in Dallas .The original idea came from TNA, which wanted to promote a joint function with them, but eventually failed to reach an agreement.In December there was a meeting of executives Lucha Underground with Canyon Ceman and Triple H , WWE. Meltzer says seeking an agreement with respect to talent, but came to nothing. What we know is that they were specifically looking to buy contracts Angelico and Ricochet (Prince Puma).Nearly one hundred loyal fans who attended ticketed recordings Ultima Lucha could not enter, although waited a long time in the rain. The reason is that at the last minute, the producers gave VIP tickets and there was no place for regular fans. The atmosphere at the show was, consequently, quieter, because regular fans are the ones who usually make the environment.Besides Dorian Roldan , who always attends Lucha Underground recordings were presentJoaquin Roldan and Marisela Peña.Meltzer reports that there was a long lost recording time because officials “were obsessed with what he said Jim Cornette in his podcast, it shattered the product.” It adds that “many of the people in charge was very susceptible to be in front of a major TV show with such criticism. ”

What he said Jim Cornette , arguably the greatest manager in the history of the American struggle, in his podcast MLW Radio was the following:

“That fucking Underground Fight sh … … It is the most devastating sh … I’ve seen in my life. We joked off the air, and said, ‘Well, we probably like the fights, but I do not like the concept of the program that has writers’ . But in the end I did not like.This is probably the most embarrassing thing that anyone could imagine.

“It’s a TV show. It’s a movie. It’s not wrestling. It is not a sport. Not even have the intention or the attempt to do this shit something credible.

“The production is unbelievable. Seems directed by Scorsese. Photography is wonderful. It looks like a John Ford western or something. I can not praise them enough … But production is another nail to the coffin, which makes the fight is not taken seriously as a sport or something that is not completely predetermined.

“There is no one on the face of the planet that can see this shit and believe that there is something real in it. It should not be called professional wrestling at all. It is a film and they are fighting in the movie.That’s fucking everything is.

“That shit backstage obviously done in multiple shots to achieve something.Nobody believes him to these people. It is a written interpretation, a movie, a TV show. It is that all you shit is.

“And then, God! I saw Prince Puma and Phoenix. I know Mexican wrestling is acrobatic, but this was a routine gymnastics, acrobatic choreography fucking Chinese circus. That was all that was fucking.

“And the triangular staircase was over that fight hardcore, fight trash where they hit each with furniture. And that no longer works, someone will end up dead. And in addition to that nonsense in the recapitulation of year when leaves vampire hitting people with fluorescent lamps and tacks on the floor … and John Morrison, like me, he was a boy of OVW, it pleases me as a person, and I feel bad to see him in that atmosphere rather than actual fighting.

“The only way to save this fucking shit is together in that fucking Temple all those who are associated with Lucha Underground, along with tapes of all that have been filmed. And they are all in one place, you aventarles a fucking bomb nuclear. that would be the best way to treat Lucha Underground, and I believe if you are a fight fan that fits some pride in professional wrestling, no matter if you are a professional, a beginner or an amateur, because among more writers are writing shit like that, the fight becomes something silly, something worthy of mockery. “


One thought on “Concern with Jim Cornette statements

  1. Personally I coukd care less for Cornette words. He seems to be completely disconnected.

    Him saying wrestling is a sport and not a show without writers is just ridiculous as he wrote himself for some time.

    Sounds more like an agenda than anuthing else.

    Someone feels threatened by Lucha Underground. They better be.


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