Smackdown, February 4th

After a weak RAW and a weak NxT, we’re headed into Smackdown… to find more weakness.

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev

It’s good to see the League of Nations still together, even with Barret injured. Not much of a match but it did help to raise tension between Reigns and Ambrose, a most needed for the weak lineup at Fastlane.


Kalisto vs. Kevin Owens

Kalisto was being manhandled by Owens. Nice sucker punch from Owens faking he was going to power bomb Kalisto on the announce table but instead threw him at Dolph Ziggler followed by a thrust kick.

A distraction from Dolph allowed Kalisto to steal a victory.

I have mixed feeling about this match although it had its good moments. Kalisto has his days numbered as champion if he can only win by what it seems are flukes.


Ryback vs. Erick Rowan

There wasn’t much sense into this match. Wyatts looked weak on this match specially if they are aiming their guns at Lesnar. Ryback did look stronger on his new outfit and got some push with the win.

Unless he’s going to join Lesnar in a battle against the Wyatts it’s hard to understand this one. I guess is a side effect of relying on part time wrestlers, you find yourself in gaps like this one.


The Miz vs. AJ Styles

This just shows how mizused is the Miz (saw what I did there? :P). This is true with so many other talents.

I hope they don’t keep building AJ to be the unbeatable for too long. He’s not that big of a guy, just needs bigger opponents. By no mean make him lose to Big Show either.


The New Day vs. Social Outcasts

Solid match, specially towards the end. It looks like this two teams do well together. Would have loved to see the Outcasts pull a fluke win and get them in the title picture. The thought of having the Usos challenge again makes me sick.


Charlotte vs. Alicia Fox

I would have preferred Alicia beating Charlotte instead of Brie. Nothing against Brie, but it’s hard to digest she pulling the win after being reduced to a jobber status.

Brie should have left her to go into her insane persona. Her best gimmick yet. Hope they are saving it for later, but not too late.


Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio and Rusev

Nothing too different to see here. Average match to say the least.



Sigh, another mediocre show. Smackdown usually does better with less and longer matches. There was nothing wrong about the matches themselves, but nothing good either.

At least there’s something to look forward on next Smackdown: Aj Styles vs. Y2J part 2. Although something tells me Y2J will go heel and get a dirty win. This could be a PPV level match.



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