Cryme Tyme Wants To Return To WWE

MZ Sports recently caught up with former WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard in Los Angeles. Gaspard, who has been working on his career in Hollywood, was asked if he’d like to return to WWE.

“The honest truth is me and Jay would love to come back to the company. The simple fact is that i’m a wrestler. I love being a wrestler. I do movies now and I’m an actor also but what made my bread and butter was wrestling.”

He added, “Right now, it’s not what it was and if we did go back, we’d go back to make the product not what it was and not what it is but better than what it is right now. That’s all depending on them. I’m willing, Jay’s willing [and] the fans are willing. It’s up to Hunter and all of them.”

Check out the video below:


The way the division is right now, this wouldn’t be a bad idea. Both are really young and talented. Shad might look way to similar to Titus in the ring. It’s about the same character.

And their gimmick had a really comic twist. They would be a blast in a feud with New Day for sure!


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