Lesnar Vs who

The WWE universe don’t see much of Brock Lesnar with his current contract. Rarely does the Beast Incarnat appear on the weekly shows like Raw or Smackdown. Personally I think this adds to his character. The fact that Lesnar pops in, cracks some heads and leaves again makes him quite the bad ass. The fact we don’t get to see Lesnar wrestle week after week makes it even more exciting when the monster goes to work. This kind of booking gives Lesnar an air of mystery and brings the man from scary to terrifying. Realistically this lack of Lesnar is no accident, he probably doesn’t want to be preforming every week. After listening to the Steve Austin podcast which featured Lesnar, I thought it was clear he just isn’t that passionate about Pro Wrestling. He spends his spare time hunting and seemed very enthusiastic on the podcast when discussing his truck or shooting dear. On the other hand for the short time his wrestling career was discussed, it certainly wasn’t with the same enthusiasm. I think he looks at wrestling as a way to earn some money and that’s as far as it goes with Brock.
However it is almost certain the Beast Incarnat will have a match on the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania. With his return to Raw this Monday and the 32nd Wrestlemania coming in March, there is still a lot of time before we know who will wrestle Lesnar in this money match. Never the less, this hasn’t stopped fans from getting the rumors started online. Like any good member of the IWC, I myself had to weight in on what I think of some of my favourite possible match ups for the Beast Incarnat, Brock Lesnar.

Batista: WWE seem to like bringing a touch of nostalgia to Wrestlemania the last couple of years. If they were to bring back a past superstar to face Brock Lesnar I think The Animal would be the best choice. Lesnar is a wrecking ball, no Miley Cyrus. For this reason it is hard to get an opponent that make the fans second guess Brock Lesnar. However if anyone could pull this off, I believe Batista is the man for the job. The Beast vs The Animal!
It would be a true spectial to see both of these powerhouses stand in the middle of the squared circle. I think the match itself would be amazing. Both of these preformers are extremely intense and could take the house down with big power spots.
Although the big question is how possible is this match? With Batista doing a lot of movies there is a good chance he wouldn’t have the time. But if there is one thing I’ve learned from watching Pro Wrestling is never say never.

Seth Rollins: But wait Seth can’t wrestle with a bad knee!! But it has been said the “Crossfit Jesus” is a freak of nature and there could be a chance of his return by Wrestlemania according to some pundits. What a comeback match it would be against Lesnar! Rollins has proved himself as an established competitor, defending the WWE Title time after time. Even if there was some shenanigans involved. Nevertheless he could definitely give Lesnar a run for his money as one of the top stars in the company today. His high flying ability could give the match a good contrast of styles which would make an entertaining bout for the WWE universe.


Kevin Owens: This man is definitely my fantasy match for Lesnar. I would love to see Owens go head to head with the Beast Incarnat. It would be an incredible rub for the former Intercontinental Champ. And a victory over Lesnar would give Owens an even better status in the wrestling world. A singles match would be amazing, however a hardcore stipulation would work really well for this contest in my opinion. As Owens has proved on the Indy scene he can get down and dirty among the weird and wonderful thing found under a pro wrestling ring. It could definitely make the fans doubt Lesnar to be in the squared circle with someone as unpredictable and violent as Kevin Owens. That being said Lesnar is no push over when it comes to the land of extreme. Either way the match up is perfect, not only for fans but Kevin Owen’s career aswell.


What are your dream matches for The Beast Incarnat? Make sure to leave your suggestions in the comments below.


13 thoughts on “Lesnar Vs who

      1. Yep all ready just wanted to give you a chance to check it out and make sure you were happy will it too 🙂


      2. Your post was great just had to add pictures and videos to make it pop. Keep that in mind on your blog as well.

        As long as you set them to review I can add those.


  1. Personally I would prefer him pushing younger talent over, like Bray Wyatt or Owens. In the bigger scheme of things having many part timers, specially holding the company is a bad thing. We already saw this when Brock was champion.

    What we need is more full time talent being pushed and this match up is a great way to do it.


    1. I agree totally with that it would be great for the younger talent to be in with Lesnar. It does look like WWE are setting up Bray and Brock for Wrestlemania.
      I will start doing some promo for the blog too thanks 🙂

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