WWE: The Road to WrestleMania


The Rock made his return to RAW last night and it was electrifying! I seriously can’t remember the last time I saw a superstar get that type of response from the crowd. There is not one person on the roster today that can match the reaction of The Rock. There also is nobody on the roster that comes close to his personality and that’s what makes The Rock special. I still get goosebumps when his music hits and he comes out on stage. I can only imagine how he must feel just standing there listening to the reaction. The Rock really is a one of a kind talent that the WWE may never have again, but The Rock still keeps his ties to the WWE close, which he should. Without the WWE where would The Rock be? He may have still made something special of his life, but the WWE is what got this all started and The Rock knows that, and never forgets it. Another thing that makes him special. The Rock is a humble human being who hasn’t let success get to his head. The man is grateful for his life and everything he’s accomplished. I don’t even have to know The Rock to know that. It’s obvious when you see him, or read his tweets and see his Instagram posts. The man is truly blessed and doesn’t forget where he came from and who helped him along the way. It will be good to see him at WrestleMania this year especially with the injuries that have happened. It’s always special when The Rock makes his return to the WWE. Just ask the New Day.

On a side note it sounds like the career of Nikki Bella could be coming to an end. Sad to hear because she has come such a long way since the day she started. Only to have a broken neck and have to get surgery that could be the end for her. She is still young, but there has been speculation that she might have been winding down her career in hopes of a family. I don’t know her so I can’t say how much truth there is to that, but either way it will be sad if this is how it has to end for one of the top divas in the business. Best of luck to Nikki Bella.

Heading into WrestleMania we kind of have a sense as to who is going to face Triple H in the main event. Like it or not it is going to be Roman Reigns and I would go as far to say Reigns is going to win the title back at that time too. The main event of Fastlane is going to be Reigns vs. Ambrose. Vs. Lesnar for the chance to face HHH at WrestleMania. I know most fans want it to be Lesnar and it could be, but I feel a feud with Bray Wyatt and Brock Lesnar is underway and that is probably going to be the matchup at WM32. In fact I would expect to see the Wyatt’s have something to do with the outcome of the Fastlane main event. And though I like Dean Ambrose, it’s hard for me to see him main eventing WrestleMania. Plus, he is probably going to be IC champion by as well and I don’t see him getting pushed into the face of the business. I wouldn’t complain about it, but I don’t see it. Again, anything can happen in the WWE.

I wonder who is going to be AJ Styles opponent at WrestleMania. It seems Chris Jericho could be a feud for him going forwards. One thing I know for sure, Styles has to be at WrestleMania. He has major star power. The evidence is the strong reactions he gets from the fans and his merchandise is already a top-seller for WWE. I’ve been a fan of Styles for years and it’s still weird for me to see him in WWE, but damn is it nice to see. He really is the phenomenal one.

Who is going to wrestle The Undertaker? Yes, he is going to be at WrestleMania. Rumor was John Cena as his opponent, but it seems Cena won’t be at WrestleMania but he’s already started recovery. I can’t think of who else they would put in there with Taker. Maybe Kevin Owens? Maybe bring in another legend to wrestle the man? Maybe Sting if he’s somehow able to go? Who knows, but I would love to see Sting vs. Taker, but I doubt Sting will be able to go by WrestleMania. Last I heard he is probably going to need neck surgery.

A lot of questions heading into WrestleMania, but I am liking the direction that WWE is taking as we head to grandest stage of them all. Remember, anything can happen in the WWE…



6 thoughts on “WWE: The Road to WrestleMania

  1. WM is looking promising, sadly I can’t say the same thing about Fastlane. That main event doesn’t make any sense.

    It takes the IC title out of the PPV, also the Heavyweight title won’t be defended. That leaves U.S. and Tag team on the table. Usos again? They need to get The Wyatts, League of Nations, Ascension and maybe NxT teams like Hype Bros and Enzo and Cass in the picture. We can’t have New Day vs. Usos again. And please don’t even think about adding the Dudleys in the picture :P.


    1. I’m not a fan of tag team wrestling like I was in the days of the Dudleys. I would love to see them win the titles one more time. The Usos are bound to take the titles from the New Day. They have no one else to do it. The Luchadragons were a good choice but with Sin Cara out not so much. I’m actually irritated the way Neville is being used. He’s the most impressive wrestler they have. I would love to see him get a good push but he’s not.

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