Royal Rumble Analysis

Have to say it was the Rumble I have enjoyed the most in years. Many surprises and a new champion!

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team match

I had the Dudley s winning but I’m glad they didn’t. This was most likely Mark Henry last Rumble. It’s a shame he didn’t last much. Same with Swagger. Made this match worthless.

Was a good match for a pre-show.


Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens

Solid match and a great way to start the show. I
Ambrose won as predicted but they gave us one hell of a match.


New Day vs. Usos

It was an OK match. Glad the New Day retained. Was a very good finish.


Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte

Solid match that suffered from a few botches. Most ill put on Charlotte. Becky did a great job. The best part was Sasha voming out at the end and attacking Becky and then Charlotte. They facing and even a triple threat due to the way the match ended would be awesome. That would be a Wrestlemania match for sure.


Kalisto vs. Alberto del Rio

Another great match and great call for having Kalisto win.

I was worried the League of Nations would get involved but they didn’t. Sadly the match suffered some minor botches, but was pretty good.


Royal Rumble

The camera man screw it live. We missed most of his entrance, but he got a great buzz!

The match was great! From AJ Styles to the way the Wyatts dominated to a big amount of stare downs and potential feud were on display on the match.

After the League of Nations destroyed Reigns in the outside I was worried about Reigns returning near the end to win it. Gladly HHH was there to stop him!

Although I preferred Bray winning, I think it was great. At least Reigns didn’t win it :-).



This was an amazing PPV and ratings should reflect that.

The best part is the huge amount of potential feuds and material for creative that they generated.

I’m not a big fan of Reigns vs. HHH feud, but I believe they could have done it without HHH having the belt. Just eliminating him was reason enough. Nothing against HHH, but his run is most likely to end at Wrestlemania. Hope he retained and gave us one last run, but he has his hands full with NxT, etc.

It was a great call to open many doors instead of a predictable one. Kudos to WWE creative.

Stare downs we saw there:

  • Bray and Brock: this will continue as the Wyatts eliminated Brock.
  • AJ Styles and Kevin Owens: this one is enough to fill an arena.
  • Sami Zain and Kevin Owens: mixed or not with AJ, it should be a good one.
  • Bray Wyatt and HHH: great reaction from the fans.
  • HHH and Reigns: I guess is OK. Not thrilled about this one.



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