WWE: Sister Abigail Coming?

There are plenty of rumors indicating that Sister Abigail could be coming to WWE TV soon. The question is, who is going to be playing her? If you’ve been keeping up on your news you would know that Santana Garrett, an indie star, has been wrestling at NXT events. She has also been posting cryptic tweets of herself wearing the black mask that is usually seen worn by Braun Strowman.

So is Santana Garrett going to be Sister Abigail? Hard to say because I haven’t heard anything about her signing with WWE, but they are looking to bring in more talent. No official word will be released on her signing with the company until it happens unless they want to keep it a secret. No word has even been released on the Bullet Club signing with WWE because they haven’t. They are most likely going to unless something drastic happens or fail their mandatory physicals.

If you don’t know who Santana Garrett is I suggest you google her (or take a look at her page in our blog). She’s definitely a looker and a talented wrestler nonetheless.

Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas do have a sister Mika Rotunda, but she isn’t a very experienced wrestler so I doubt she comes in and plays the role unless it’s a non wrestling role. It will be interesting to see if Sister Abigail actually comes to WWE TV and who plays her. As of right now all signs point to Santana Garrett but until it actually happens the mystery will remain. I can only hope because I’ve been wanting Garrett in WWE for quite some time.


4 thoughts on “WWE: Sister Abigail Coming?

  1. It would be interesting indeed. The Wyatts are turning in a string force as they should. Lots of talent and possibilities there. Well Braun and Rowan could get better :-).

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