Backstage Report – Vince McMahon Ends Tyler Breeze’s Push

by RYAN CLARK – Jan 14, 2016

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Last week’s season finale of Breaking Ground featured Tyler Breeze being called up to the main WWE roster, but by the time it aired Breeze had already been moved down the card.

According to sources, Triple H legitimately wanted him protected and saw him as a heel on the level of Dolph Ziggler, which is why he feuded with him at the start. Vince McMahonwas not convinced of this, and ended his push. He stripped down the character, putting less emphasis on his entrance and then not showing it on TV. Then they split him from Summer Rae with no build or programs leading out of the break up.

Carlos Foley
If this is really true , Vince is committing another stupid mistake . Tyler is tremendous talent!!


One thought on “Backstage Report – Vince McMahon Ends Tyler Breeze’s Push

  1. Does he has talent? Yes. Is it a mistake? Yes. Did I hate his gimmick? Yes. I think the last one is the key.

    For me the gimmick never worked out, even while he was on NxT. He did it great, nothing wrong on his side, is just that it didn’t click with me. I guess it didn’t click with the WWE Universe either.


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