Where is he now? Yoshijiro Tajiri

Viewing ECW Unrealeased dvd vol 2 (cost only $ 3.74 in Waltmart ) A tree way dance between . Jerry Lynn vs. Super Crazy vs.Yoshijiro Tajiri.

Came to me good memories of a good time and also wondering … Where is tajiri right now ??? I began to search and this is what I found .

HUSTLE (2006-2010)
After leaving WWE , Tajiri went to Japan, where he was hired by HUSTLE . Under the name of Tajiri ( all caps) , Yoshihiro debuted in HUSTLE- House Vol 11 as an aspiring wrestler company , appearing in auditions for it in the ring in which characters appeared as Real Gay yYuko Aoki. ; Tajiri had to compete conHiroshi Nagao , another aspirant Most Valuable him, to the point of begging to be chosen. Finally , Tajiri stableface duly joined the HUSTLE Army , which was faced with his counterpart heel Monster Army . His first fight was in HUSTLE -14 , where he teamed with Hard Gay & amp; Shinjiro Otanipara face the minions of Monster Jo An Army Commander , Kohei Sato & amp; PTA Monster, with the team winning the fight Tajiri . Before long, Tajiri became one of the most senior members of the HUSTLE Army , gaining great popularity.


HUSTLE Aid In 2006, Tajiri was chosen to face the almighty The Esperanza; Despite his efforts, he was defeated Tajiri. The following weeks, Tajiri began losing battles, as a photo of Esperanza teach or remind that fight anyway enough to terrify. Finally, Tajiri got rid of their fear because Newling, who was later (kayfabe) killed by Hope. Later, Tajiri formed a trio with his apprentices \ (^ o ^) / Chie yKUSHIDA, achieving several victories, but soon after, Tajiri became a heel when I fuehipnotizado by Yinling, Newling mother, and was introduced into the Monster Army. However, late 2007 Tajiri serface again when he was attacked by his fellow heel “Fire Monster” AUCHICHI. On his return alHUSTLE Army, Tajiri came back with his apprentices and KG and the master of it, Shiro Koshinaka allied. When the Monster Army was dissolved by King RIKI HUSTLE Aid in 2009, members of the HUSTLE Army would organize a series of matches between them, one against Hard Gay the last in which Tajiri participate. Soon after, Yoshihiro left the company.

New Japan Pro Wrestling

Wrestle-1 (2014–present)

Tajiri wrestled his first match under a Wrestle-1 contract on July 6, 2014, teaming with Yusuke Kodama in a tag team match, where they defeated the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) team of Ethan Carter III andRockstar Spud. Through Wrestle-1’s working relationship with TNA, Tajiri worked the August Impact Wrestling tapings in New York City, defeating Robbie E on August 5, and working two matches on August 7; teaming with Austin Aries to lose to James Storm andSanada in the first and losing to Aries in a match, which also included Abyss, Mr. Anderson and MVP, in the second.


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